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Family Plan Password Protection Options

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


Each device on a CrashPlan for Home Family subscription can restore from every other device's cloud backups, since the devices are on the same account. This article describes password options for Family Plans, as well as the rationale behind this behavior.

Securing backup archives on a family plan

The only way to enforce separate security for the devices on a Family Plan so that other computers on the plan cannot restore from each others' archives is to set the 448-bit encryption with custom 448-bit key option.

Upgrading Your Security Setting
While the 448-bit encryption with custom 448-bit key security setting allows you to set different custom encryption keys for each device in a Family Plan, it's important to note that this is
CrashPlan's strictest security setting. As such, there are consequences for using this option. Due to the severity of upgrading your security, this option is highly discouraged.


Upgrading security to 448-bit encryption with custom 448-bit key results in the following:

  • All previously backed up files associated with the old encryption key are deleted from the backup archive and backup starts over. This applies to all of the devices on the account.
  • You can never change a device's data key (without completely restarting the backup).
  • If you lose or forget your archive password or your custom 448-bit key, there is no way to recover the backed up files. Our Customer Champions have no way to assist in recovery.
  • You can never downgrade your security setting.

For these reasons, our Customer Champions strongly recommend against this configuration for the purpose of securing different archives within a Family Plan. Before using this option, we encourage a careful reading of the documentation on CrashPlan security and encryption settings.

Why Can't We Just Have Separate Passwords?
We have no plans to implement this feature for CrashPlan for Home, as stated by Code42 co-founder, Matthew Dornquast:

"The lack of [an individual password] feature is our primary protection against abusers. Presumably, family members don't need business-like security between themselves."

CrashPlan for Small Business does support separate user accounts with separate passwords under a single account.