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Attaching An Archive

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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This article is intended for CrashPlan for Home users. For Code42 CrashPlan and CrashPlan for Small Business documentation, read this page on our enterprise support site.


When you back up files to a destination, CrashPlan for Home creates an archive there. For all practical purposes, the archive is the actual “backup” of your computer.

If you need to restore from an archive on a local backup, but the archive is not listed as an available restore destination, follow the steps below to attach the archive.

Local Backups Only
Attaching an archive only applies to local backups, not to cloud destinations like CrashPlan Central.


  1. Connect the drive containing the archive to your computer.
  1. Open the CrashPlan app and go to Destinations > Folders.
  2. Choose Select.
    Select Archive Location
  3. Navigate to the archive you'd like to attach.
    Look for the folder that matches the source computer's ID: for example, 948212309528060501
  4. Click Ok.

Troubleshooting an "already using" error

If the message CrashPlan is already using this folder for backup appears, the archive was not attached properly. Follow these steps to reconnect the CrashPlan app to your archive.

  1. Unmount and remove the USB drive from the computer.
    Remove The USB Drive Before Continuing
    To avoid data loss, ensure that the USB drive is removed from your computer before you continue.
  2. In the CrashPlan app, go to Destinations > Folders.
  3. Delete the folder for your USB drive backup from the CrashPlan app's list of folders.
  4. Re-attach the USB drive to the computer.
  5. In the CrashPlan app's Destinations > Folders, click Select to select a backup destination folder.
    A file browser prompt appears.
  6. In the file browser, go to the USB drive.
  7. Click the folder with a long name of 18 digits to add it to your list of folders to back up.
    The CrashPlan app connects to your archive successfully.

If you continue to see errors after following these steps, contact our Customer Champions.